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about us

We have been in Palm Springs since 1999 and offer the most popular Palm Springs tours in our hard-to-miss bright yellow open-air Hummers.

We have been closed for the last 2 years and now are back as the BEST TOUR IN THE DESERT! Our tours have been featured on the Discovery Channel and are the top recommendation among the top resorts in the area. Our Hummers are the real thing and no Jeep can offer the kind of comfort we do. Our Hummers are FORWARD FACING and do not require you to jostle in the back of a small vehicle sitting sideways bumping knees with strangers. Our Hummers have HUGE panoramic seating with a view for everyone.

Over 100,000 happy guests and counting...

Our Guarantees

We take you to the BEST LOCATIONS other tours cannot go...

Where other local tours must turn around, we can explore more of the Canyons of the San Andreas Fault. With our special permits from the National Park Service and superior vehicles, we climb higher into a place called the “transition zone” at 3000 feet within Berdoo Canyon . We are the only daily tour that can take you into an area most Jeeps cannot even go. Don’t miss this magical place. It is where the Colorado and Mojave Deserts meet in one of the oldest canyons in the United States. Take your cameras!

We follow the backroads to Joshua Tree National Park with special permits with the National Park Service.
Where it takes about an hour for other tour companies just to reach the National Park from Palm Springs, our first stop is within 15 minutes of your departure! You will journey to a place with specta
cular views for 100s of miles. We also can take you on an H2 tour inside the very heart of Queens Valley with its world famous Inselberg rock formations. It is the top attraction in the park and is not to be missed.


We provide a unique experience on a variety of exciting open air H1 Hummers as well as luxury H2 Hummers.

Our vehicles are re-outfitted with brand new clean burning engines and enhanced suspensions.

All vehicles offer FORWARD FACING stadium seats – an enhanced experience in comfort and scenery. A Jeep will have you bumping knees in vehicles that do not offer independent suspensions on each wheel. We offer twice the space of an ordinary Jeep to provide customers the MOST COMFORTABLE OFF ROAD EXPERIENCE. The Alpha H-1 Hummer is nearly $100,000 more than a new Jeep and it shows in its performance. See why they call us the JEEP EATERS! 


We will beat any competitor’s price. Call us!


All guides have taken mandatory geology courses with the National Park’s own Desert Institute, passed rigorous driving tests and are enrolled in the CHP Pull program to ensure driver safety and compliance with DMV excellence.


We are consistently chosen as the best Eco Tour by Palm Springs’ finest hotels and the preferred vendor for their guests to visit Joshua Tree National Park with SPECIAL PERMITS from the National Park Service. We are also AAA and TripAdvisor recommended.

Our tours have been on the Discovery Channel, History Channel and featured in several major US newspapers and publications.