Daily: 8 am to 11 am (Summer Tour Specials good through September 30)


Season Oct-May: 2 pm to 5 pm


Online SPECIAL - good till Sept 30th
$149 Adult
$99 Child (under 16)

Phone Rate :
$189 Adult
$149 Child (under 16)

What is included?

The 3rd largest Oasis in the world

We are the only daily eco-tour that takes you to this amazing place. Here we visit the actual cabin of the first settler in a famous oasis called the 1000 Palms Oasis. At this site we offer a 30-minute eco walk with your guide to learn of the Cahuilla Indian tribal history here. You even walk over the San Andreas Fault on a bridge that crosses the very crack. Here water gurgles out to allow this paradise in the desert to exist. Amazing!

Canyons of the San Andreas Fault

Our tours can climb into the Canyons of the San Andreas where most other San Andreas Fault Jeep tours must turn around. We follow an old gold mine trail some 2000 feet higher - a place called Berdoo Canyon. Here we enter what is called the "transition zone" by geologists. This place is where we often encounter the elusive Big Horn Sheep on our tours. These canyons contain some of the oldest rocks in the country in an area where the North American plate is literally crunching up against the rest of the United States. Its geology is colorful and breathtaking at sunset. Don't miss seeing it!


Complimentary pickups at most hotels. Snack, water, and all entrance fees.

Morning tours through Summer allows you and your family to go early enough before the Summer heat reaches extremes.

#1 Guides of the desert, Our expert guides are trained in Geology with the National Parks Desert Institute. Each guide has extensive training in the area and possesses a CPR and First aid certificate.

All guides are required to be fully vaccinated.

Masks are optional as this tour is primarily a FRESH AIR experience!!

H-1 open-air military Hummer

Our Hummer are the Cadillacs of the desert in the space and comfort that they provide.

Our fleet of rugged military vehicles are outfitted with the best suspension of any SUV. The military replaced the Jeep for the Hummer for their abilities to smoothly conquer the most challenging environments leaving the ole Willies in the history books.

Our vehicles have FORWARD FACING SEATS to avoid the knee knocking experience of other tours. Stadium seating also gives you a dramatic views of the raw nature.

Customer Reviews

We had a great trip to the San Andreas Fault. Our guide was knowledgeable and funny. Everyone had fun. There were young people and seniors on the trip. We all loved it. Definitely worth it! We went on the San Andreas Fault Jeep tour last year and found this so much better! Thanks Jeff!
We just got back from a 3 hour adventure hummer tour to the San Andreas Fault. Our guide Don was simply the best! He was friendly and knowledgeable and knew the canyons like the back of his hand. Snacks and water were also provided and nice warm blankets once the sun started to dip. We will be taking another tour with this outfit!

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