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ADVENTURE HUMMER - Make your own SAFE adventure!

You can sleep inside!
We offer NEW sleeping bags and camping gear

Explore Joshua Tree in your own Hummer Adventure!

The safest tour is one you do is ON YOUR OWN and with those you feel safe with.  We offer you a virtual guide you download to your phone. It’s like a guide is with you telling you what your looking at as you tour the Park on your own. 

There has never been a better time to go outside. Explore nearby Joshua Tree National Park or make a multi-day adventure to the National Parks of the Southwest with suggested stops in Sedona, Grand Canyon, Zion , Bryce, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks.

We offer everyone a cost effective way for you to take up to 5 people on a SAFE SELF-GUIDED tour of the park.
You can download our GPS guided tour on Joshua Tree National Park’s paved roads on your phone by going to GPS.Guide 

Internet Special:  $189/day   2 day minimum

Uses:  Day sightseeing or camping in Joshua Tree National Park, cross country travel or personal use.


What we provide:

1.) A 5 passenger H2 Hummer to tour Joshua Tree National Parks many 4 wheel drive only roads.

2.) A GPS guided tour of Joshua Tree on your phone.

3.) A 6 man tent and space to sleep 2 inside the Hummer with the back seat folded down.

4.) Maps 

5.) Fully cleaned vehicles with safe curbside pickups at the Palm Springs Visitors Center in Rancho Mirage daily between 9 am and 10 am.

6.) Bike rack for 4 and instructions where to rent bikes.

7.) Massive roof rack and ladder for your gear.

8.) Optional kitchen, new sleeping bags and propane stove.

9.) Discounts for cross country travel plans.

10.) A comprehensive insurance coverage.

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