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ADVENTURE HUMMER - Make your own SAFE adventure!


Explore Joshua Tree in your own car with our virtual GPS Guide!

Due to the Covid pandemic we believe ANY tour exposes the guide and guests to infection. After 20 years of tours, we have closed our operations until a vaccine has been found and widely distributed. In the meantime, you should still come and see the desert. Live tours are discouraged. However, for less than $20 you can still enjoy a professionally guided tour of Joshua Tree.

The safest tour is one you do is ON YOUR OWN and with those you feel safe with.  We offer you a virtual guide you download to your phone. It’s like a guide is with you telling you what your looking at as you tour the Park on your own. 

There has never been a better time to go outside. Take one of our guides with you with a download on your phone.

As you enter the park from the popular West gate entrance, our popular tour begins. As the app knows exactly where you are at, we can explain for you not only where to go, but what you are looking at.

Enjoy a trip into the park without the worry of a guide/driver who might not be showing symptoms but can put you at risk.20


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